Internet Lawyers, Los Angeles, California

The practice of law, as it relates to the Internet, computer science, and cyber law is a fast-growing industry in Los Angeles, California. At the Law Offices of Salar Atrizadeh, Mr. Atrizadeh has significant experience in the realms of computer information science and software and hardware technologies.  In fact, prior to being a licensed attorney, he worked with numerous reputable high-tech organizations for many years, and as a result, knows the related business and technological intricacies.  Mr. Atrizadeh has ample knowledge about computer information science, and has worked as an adjunct professor to teach students about the various aspects of information technology.  So, his experience and expertise in both computer information science, and the law, has assisted him in better understanding client's problems. Indeed, Mr. Atrizadeh handles several different types of Internet-related cases on an on-going basis, including, but not limited to, issues related to cloud computing and cyber piracy, electronic contracts, online advertising, and online harassment.

For example, in September 18, 2012, Mr. Atrizadeh successfully represented a client, in a case involving a domain name dispute before the National Arbitration Forum (“NAF”). The client filed a complaint with NAF for an order requiring the respondent to transfer, which was the disputed domain, to the client. Mr. Atrizadeh’s client owned the domain name,, and had registered the same trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO). Upon evaluation, NAF found that since his client was not required to register its trademark with a national registry, its registration with the USPTO was sufficient to establish its rights in this dispute. Mr. Atrizadeh was able to demonstrate using the evidence that, his client had a right to the domain name because the two domain names were sufficiently similar to cause confusion among the public, and the respondent did not own any trademarks or service marks to demonstrate a right to the disputed domain name. The NAF noted that changing the “.com” to the “.us” domain was not sufficient to properly distinguish between the two websites. In fact, NAF deemed the domain names effectively identical to cause confusion among users. Additionally, the respondent could not claim a legitimate interest in the disputed domain name because not only did he not have any registered trade or service marks, but he was not otherwise identified by the “timeandgems” name. In other words, he did not have any other economic ties that would establish his right to keep the domain name. Indeed, the disputed site was directed to a site with comments regarding Timeandgems’ products, which would add further confusion for consumers because two identical sites led to two different locations. Furthermore, Mr. Atrizadeh was also able to demonstrate that respondent registered the disputed domain name in bad faith in an effort to later sell the address for a higher price. In light of all the evidence, NAF found that the circumstances were sufficient to establish an order in favor of Mr. Atrizadeh’s client, thereby requiring respondent to turn over the disputed domain name to his client’s control.

At the Law Offices of Salar Atrizadeh, our expertise in cyberspace law, and computer software and hardware technologies can help clients in Los Angeles, California who are dealing with similar disputes.