Podcast 1

Today's program was about online privacy, cyber safety, social networking privacy, and search engine privacy.

Podcast 2

Today's program was about Internet crimes and related laws. My guest was Lawrence Wolf, Esq., a criminal defense attorney.

Podcast 3

Today's program was about estate planning and related issues. My guest was Warren Worth, Esq., who is a probate and estate planning attorney.

Podcast 4

Today's program was about cybersecurity. My guest was Dr. Stan Stahl, Ph.D., who specializes in cybersecurity and related issues.

Podcast 5

Today's program was about software forensics. I interviewed Bob Zeidman, who is the president and founder of both Zeidman Consulting, and Software Analysis and Forensic Engineering, Inc.

Podcast 6

Today's program was about real estate law and related matters. I interviewed Jesse Torrero, who is a real estate agent/broker and president of WinWinWin, Inc.

Podcast 7

Today's program was about taxation laws. I interviewed Norman Kreisman, Esq., who is an attorney with the Tax Resolution Institute.

Podcast 8

Today's program was about immigration law. I interviewed Albert C. Lum, Esq., who is an immigration attorney and senior partner of the Lum Law Group.

Podcast 9

Today's program was about certain aspects of business law and invasion of privacy issues. I interviewed Wayne Skigen, Esq., who is a business and employment attorney, and a partner at Segal Skigen, LLP.

Podcast 10

Today's program was about certain aspects of personal injury law and related topics. I interviewed Jeffrey A. Shane, Esq., who is a personal injury attorney, and the principal and founder of the Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Shane.

Podcast 11

Today, my guest was Daniel Weintraub, Esq., who is the managing partner of Weintraub & Selth, APC. We discussed debt negotiation and asset protection.

Podcast 12

Today, I interviewed Stan Stahl, Ph.D., from Citadel Information Group. We discussed cybersecurity, cybercrimes, cyber risk management, and information security management tools and techniques.

Podcast 13

Today, I interviewed Jessica Olmon, Esq., founder of the Vero Law Group. We talked about business and corporate laws, including, but not limited to, the guidelines pertaining to Benefit Corporations and Flexible Purpose Corporations.

Podcast 14

Today, I interviewed Richard Garber, Esq., who is a seasoned lawyer. We talked about the differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, importance of discharging debt over preserving credit, discharging taxes in bankruptcy, and avoiding liens against a debtor's property.

Podcast 15

Today, I interviewed Professor Johnny Parker, Esq., from the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma. We discussed the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and related issues, e.g., debt collection guidelines, prohibited conduct, and consumer protection laws.

Podcast 16

Today, I interviewed Bob Zeidman, president and founder of Zeidman Consulting. We discussed software forensics and intellectual property issues, e.g., software copyrights and protecting trade secrets.

Podcast 17

Today, I interviewed Greg May, Esq., who is an "of counsel" attorney with Jones & Lester, LLP. We discussed the appellate process and related rules and regulations.

Podcast 18

Today, I interviewed Karen Rose, Esq., who specializes in criminal law, dependency and juvenile delinquency. We discussed dependency laws, abuse or neglect of children, providing low-cost legal assistance and related topics.

Podcast 19

Today, my guest was Alexander Cohen, Esq., the founding partner of Alexander Cohen & Associates. We talked about about residential and commercial property claims and insurance bad faith.

Podcast 20

Today, my guest was attorney John Lazor, Esq., who is a certified family law specialist. We talked about different ways to resolve a divorce, namely litigation, mediation, and collaborative law. We also discussed steps couples can take to help ensure their marriage lasts (e.g., prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, setting up a living trust, and working with a financial planner).

Podcast 21

Today, my guest was Joshua Friedman, Esq., principal and founder of Joshua Friedman and Associates. We discussed the rules and regulations related to collections and judgment enforcement.

Podcast 22

Today, my guest was Larry Rothstein, Esq., who is a seasoned trial attorney. In today’s discussions, we talked about contractual disputes and alternative dispute resolution options.

Podcast 23

Today, my guest was attorney Michael Cohen, Esq., principal and founder of the Michael H. Cohen Law Group, a professional corporation. Mr. Cohen is a healthcare and FDA lawyer. We spoke about healthcare regulations and related topics.