Business Transaction

Business Our law firm offers professional legal services for its corporate and business clients from entity formation to dissolution, handling all of the various legal issues that a legal entity can face over its existence. In the past, we have represented a wide variety of clients, such as technology organizations, manufacturers, distributors, inventors, real estate developers, restaurant owners, automotive groups, real estate brokers, residential and commercial builders, and general contractors.

For start-ups, our legal team guides its clients through the choice and creation of appropriate entities to limit liability and increase efficiency. Once our client's business is formed, we provide ongoing assistance in strategic decisions and planning relating to control issues, equity structures, employment law matters, stock options, compensation, financing and governance.

Our team is able to negotiate and document the purchase and sale of business assets and operating entities, including, but not limited to, corporations, general and limited partnerships, limited liability companies, trusts and joint ventures. Also, our team has experience representing clients desiring to structure business models in order to take advantage of online and high-tech opportunities.

We counsel clients on the protection of trade secret rights. Our attorneys help clients develop internal procedures such as confidentiality and employment agreements to avoid the theft or disclosure of valuable business or technical information. We are capable of assisting small and medium-sized businesses with simple and complex transactions, including purchase and sale of business with or without real estate, business valuation, contract drafting, review, and negotiation, license transfers, indemnification, royalties, vendor agreements, non-compete agreements, confidentiality agreements, employment contracts, and drafting office policy manuals.

Business Litigation

Our lawyers work closely with our clients to assess how litigation affects business concerns from various perspectives. Our knowledge and experience permits us to analyze the risks and opportunities, and then develop a pragmatic strategy which advances the client's best interests.

Our legal team has extensive experience trying cases in state and federal courts, or administrative agencies such as the National Arbitration Forum or WIPO. It is our experience that many times, the most favorable result comes from consensual resolution. We are knowledgeable in negotiating settlements and engaging in alternative dispute resolution procedures.

Our law firm's clients range from small to medium-sized entities such as general and limited partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations. We have experience litigating cases related to technology, engineering, accounting, healthcare, insurance, media and manufacturing. We represent companies in contract disputes, business torts, and unfair business practices.

Outside General Counsel

In the course of conducting business, companies face a wide range of legal concerns. As a result, it is beneficial for companies to secure on-going legal representation to ensure that the business meets its legal responsibilities. Our law firm provides cost-effective outside general counsel services to businesses throughout California, including, but not limited to, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. We can also provide on-going legal services for domestic and international businesses in a variety of practice areas, such as alternative dispute resolution, business, internet, and real estate.

By maintaining an outside general counsel, a business benefits from on-going legal representation without the cost associated with in-house counsel. Additionally, outside general counsel has the opportunity to become familiar with the specifics and intricacies of your business, which helps ensure personalized legal representation. As such, an outside general counsel is prepared to provide legal services catered to your specific interests. This familiarity also makes for more efficient legal representation since your outside general counsel will already be accustomed to your operations. Furthermore, the business saves additional time and resources by not having to find legal representation at every sign of potential legal issues. The outside general counsel will also be able to prevent legal disputes before they arise as we monitor, assess, and review on-going operations.