Internet Lawyers, Silicon Beach, California

The practice of law, as it relates to the startups and entrepreneurs, is a fast-growing industry in Silicon Beach, California, which includes Santa Monica, Playa Vista, and Venice, California. Our law firm’s founder and principal has experience in information technology, computer information science, and software/hardware technologies. In fact, prior to being a licensed attorney, he worked with numerous reputable high-tech organizations for many years, and as a result, knows the related business and technological intricacies. Mr. Atrizadeh has ample knowledge about computer information science, and has worked as an adjunct professor to teach students about the various aspects of information technology. Hence, his experience and expertise in both computer information science, and the law, has assisted him in better understanding client's problems. Indeed, Mr. Atrizadeh has handled various types of Internet-related cases on an on-going basis, including, but not limited to, issues regarding cloud computing, crowdfunding, cybersecurity, digital currencies, electronic discovery, internet piracy, internet sales tax, online privacy, and online banking fraud.

Mr. Atrizadeh has not only conducted seminars regarding the above-listed topics, but also taught before various educational facilities. He has taught courses at colleges on the topics of database management, networking, and information security. He has an extensive background in business and e-commerce. Most, if not all of his clients, include companies that have an online presence, whether for the sale of products or services. His clients, include, but are not limited to, domestic and international companies that engage in electronic commerce. For example, he has represented clients who have engaged in online gambling, online penny auctions, online marketing, online advertising, online distribution, and online sale of commodities. Moreover, our law firm assists its clients in preparing for crowdfunding projects, whether under Title II or Title III of the JOBS Act. We assist our clients with the initial and final stages of the crowdfunding process.

In recent times, digital currencies have become a newly-discussed topics among startups and entrepreneurs. These digital currencies (a/k/a “virtual currencies”) include, but are not limited to, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Worldcoin. As of now, they are considered as “property” by the Internal Revenue Service. However, there is both a national and international component to digital currencies. As of now, most countries do not have uniform regulations for virtual currencies. Therefore, it is important for a new business to understand its legal options and avenues.

An important preliminary step for startups and entrepreneurs is to consult with a lawyer, and have him/her assess their rights and responsibilities. Therefore, in general, our law firm reviews the client’s case, researches the applicable rules and regulations, and provides the client with a formal legal opinion. This legal opinion serves as a roadmap for the client to understand the relevant issues and common pitfalls.

At the Law Offices of Salar Atrizadeh, our expertise in internet, technology, business and entrepreneurial laws can help clients in Silicon Beach, California who are dealing with similar projects.