Real Estate Lawyers, Los Angeles, California

In general, real property transactions are not only common to consumers all throughout California, but these transactions make for large revenues. Indeed, both commercial and residential real properties are unique and yield value. As a result of the high costs associated with real property transactions, buyers and sellers have certain rights and responsibilities. For example, a property owner (i.e., seller) has responsibilities towards the real property—such as the responsibility to properly maintain its condition throughout the course of the transaction. Unfortunately, a real estate transaction may fail to close if either the buyer or seller fails to meet his or her duties. A failed real property transaction may lead to litigation, which can cost both parties substantial time and resources.

At the Law Offices of Salar Atrizadeh, a skilled and knowledgeable attorney can help buyers and sellers through real estate transactions. If the transaction does not complete successfully, Mr. Atrizadeh also has the expertise necessary to successfully litigate real property matters. Indeed, our offices handle several different types of real property matters, including real estate contracts, escrow disputes, foreclosures, and real property title disputes.

In a recent real estate transaction, Mr. Atrizadeh represented a client who was selling a multi-million dollar commercial property. Mr. Atrizadeh, by and through his knowledge of real property law, was able to ensure that his client’s rights were protected to the fullest extent. First, Mr. Atrizadeh negotiated an agreement regarding the terms and conditions for the underlying contract that would govern the transaction. The ability to put together a fair and reasonable contract helped guarantee that the buyer and the seller were content with the contract. Also, the well-drafted contract ensured that the buyer and its agent would comply with the provisions of the agreement. In fact, Mr. Atrizadeh was able to negotiate a significant discount in the real estate broker’s commission on his client’s behalf. Upon finalization of the real estate transaction, the client was able to sell the commercial property at its fair market value.

Mr. Atrizadeh is also a talented and experienced attorney in cases dealing with real property litigation. In a recent case in Los Angeles, California, Mr. Atrizadeh represented a client in federal court against the lender, mortgage servicer, brokers, and their agents. The client claimed that the parties had violated both state and federal laws, including, among others, violation of the Truth in Lending Act, Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, and the Unfair Competition Act. Mr. Atrizadeh also argued that the parties had committed fraud, breached fiduciary duties, and were liable for negligence and notary malfeasance. After successfully litigating this case, Mr. Atrizadeh obtained a judgment of $118,000 for his client.

At the Law Offices of Salar Atrizadeh, our expertise in real property law, as it applies to transactions and litigation, can help clients in the Los Angeles, California, and surrounding areas who are dealing with similar disputes.