Alternative Dispute Resolution Lawyers, Los Angeles, California

The practice of using alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) in place of litigation is increasing in all types of cases throughout Los Angeles, California. With the strain from growing caseloads in state and federal courts, judges are pushing litigants to seek resolutions outside the courtroom. Indeed, a majority of cases settle before reaching trial. In general, trials are not only lengthy and stressful, but also very costly. The confrontational nature of trials further pushes parties apart and makes resolution more unlikely. However, employing ADR allows the parties to come together to find a solution that takes all sides into account while saving time and resources. In fact, ADR is an ideal option for legal disputes involving individuals and businesses. In the case of business-related litigation, the parties have the ability to decide the rules and procedures that will govern their case. They also have the capacity to pick a neutral arbitrator. This is especially helpful in cases dealing with specific areas of law because the parties can ensure that the arbitrator is knowledgeable in that field. Binding arbitration also has the added benefit of being confidential, whereas court records are available to the public.

Mr. Atrizadeh has substantial experience in resolving cases through ADR over the course of his career as an attorney. Mr. Atrizadeh has mediated numerous cases in both state and federal courts. Throughout his practice, Mr. Atrizadeh is able to assist his clients to engage in collaborative efforts that help reach mutually-beneficial resolutions. Furthermore, he has also participated in mediation and negotiation competitions hosted by the American Bar Association. As such, he has gained additional experience in understanding the related dynamics. In his experience, Mr. Atrizadeh has found that in every lawsuit there is a common denominator. The ability to help the parties find this common denominator helps settle the case before going to trial. All in all, our law firm has a high success rate in settling cases by using the various ADR methods available in legal disputes today. Indeed, Mr. Atrizadeh has helped clients through various ADR proceedings, including arbitration, mediation, negotiations, and voluntary settlement conferences.

In a recent case, Mr. Atrizadeh represented a party to an executed operating agreement that included a mediation and arbitration clause. The opposing party was not willing to proceed with either mediation or arbitration. In response to this non-compliance, our law firm filed a motion to compel binding arbitration, which was granted by the court. By successfully submitting and defending the motion to compel binding arbitration, Mr. Atrizadeh was able to save his client thousands of dollars in litigation costs, and the case proceeded to binding arbitration pursuant to the operating agreement.

In summary, at the Law Offices of Salar Atrizadeh, our expertise in the various forms of alternative dispute resolution can help clients in the Los Angeles, California area who are dealing with legal disputes resolve these conflicts while saving substantial time and resources.