Business Lawyers, Los Angeles, California

In recent times, startup businesses and entrepreneurial opportunities have constantly expanded throughout Los Angeles, California. Owning your own business can be a fulfilling endeavor. However, it is important to take the proper steps in order to follow the applicable standards and requirements. At the Law Offices of Salar Atrizadeh, an attorney with years of experience in business formations and operations can help guide you through setting up your business.

For example, the important steps to take in forming a new business include:

  1. Business Plan. A business plan is important because it can serve as a constant reference for the business to guide growth and development. The business plan may be most effective if it is divided into sections—i.e., market analysis, strategy, implementation, management, or financial projections—to cover all aspects of starting and running a business.
  2. Business Financing. A helpful business plan will need to include a financing outline. So, it is also important to consider all financing options to ensure both short-term and long-term success.
  3. Business Structure. One of the most significant decisions in starting a business is the structure of the business—e.g., corporation, limited liability company, or limited liability partnership. The business structure will determine the system of liability in the company and even allow for tax benefits. A company will need to file different documents with state and/or federal agencies based on its structure.
  4. Registration with Secretary of State. A new businesses must register with the Secretary of State of the appropriate jurisdiction (e.g., California, Nevada, or Delaware). In addition, to begin operations all businesses must have a license or permit. If a business operates out of a residential home, legal standards in several states require the business to hold a specific permit. Based on various factors, a business may also need to obtain a tax identification number.
  5. Business Name and Location. Certainly before starting operations, a business will need to decide on a business name and choose an appropriate location. Several factors affect the location of a business, such as, ease of access, competitors, local regulations, and the target audience.

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Indeed, part of successfully running a business includes maintaining the legal integrity of the company. We serve as an excellent option for businesses that do not have in-house counsel. As your outside general counsel, we can provide ongoing professional legal services, at a fraction of the cost of maintaining in-house counsel. As outside general counsel, we can become familiar with the intricacies of your business, which will allow us to provide legal representation specifically catered to the unique needs of your business. Mr. Atrizadeh has extensive experience in a multitude of areas affecting businesses involving both litigation and transactional matters. Mr. Atrizadeh has represented commercial clients in a variety of matters dealing with, among others, breach of contract, commercial torts, shareholder suits, trade libel, corporate structural changes, and business organization and entity formation. Whether you are looking to start a new business, or looking for a law firm to provide ongoing representation for your business, we provide a wide range of professional legal services for companies throughout Los Angeles, California.