Startups and Entrepreneurs

The expansion of internet markets, or “e-commerce,” and online business has opened up a world of opportunity for startup companies and entrepreneurs. This unique area of business provides new companies the opportunity to grow and succeed in a variety of entrepreneurial ventures. However, a business looking to secure long-term success must be aware of important and applicable legal standards and requirements.

We provide our clients with the legal guidance and business expertise necessary for a successful start-up company. Our extensive experience in all types of businesses, and the related legal concerns, allow us to provide innovative legal expertise to businesses in all stages of their development. Indeed, we maintain a successful practice dealing with, amongst others, internet, cyberspace and technology laws. Our firm also maintains a practice in alternative dispute resolution, which makes us uniquely qualified to provide our clients with cost-efficient legal resolutions. With options such as, mediation, negotiation, and arbitration, our legal expertise allows us to seek remedies for your specific disputes that do not always include costly and lengthy litigation.

In general, startup companies typically must deal with more complex and a wider range of legal standards. Indeed, online companies often conduct business across multiple countries thereby subjecting the businesses to national and international laws. Additionally, corporations will sometimes choose to register in Delaware, regardless of the company’s physical location, due to Delaware’s business-friendly laws. This remote incorporation means that a company must adhere to Delaware’s ever-changing legal standards and case law, which dictate the legal framework for active companies. Furthermore, the highly competitive online markets make running an internet business more rigorous. In sum, taking steps to enhance and promote your online business will require a thorough understanding of the options.

With our expertise in business standards and practices, we can help you take the first steps towards forming your internet startup company. This will include discussion of the most appropriate corporate entity form for efficient interstate commerce. We also provide our clients with guidance in forming, reviewing, and negotiating contracts at all stages of the business. It may include, amongst others, initial formation contracts, trade agreements, and employment contracts. We understand that each startup company may have different goals and objectives. So, we are dedicated to providing legal representation and counseling that fits the specific needs of your unique business venture.

It is recommended to seek legal counsel at the inception of a business venture, so that your attorney will become knowledgeable and familiar with the intricacies of your company. In the unfortunate event that you face legal controversies in the future, an attorney’s familiarity with the enterprise may enable him to seek a course of action that specifically fits your business needs. If you are looking to form an internet startup company, contact us today to consult with an attorney who can discuss your legal needs and help you begin to take steps towards future business success.